Palettist, a new color palette every day!



A new color palette every day! Why don't you try to draw something every day with the suggested palette? The generated palettes can be saved or shared as PNG images.


  • A new auto generated palette everyday.
  • Customize the algorithm and generate your own palettes.
  • Discrete (up to 256 bins) and continuous/smooth palettes.
  • Smooth palettes are generated using a quality-customizable Self-Organizing Maps (SOM), a type of neural network.
  • Support for both sRGB and Display P3 color spaces.
  • Compare sRGB and P3 colors in P3 displays.
  • Work in both linear and gamma spaces.
  • Filter colors using universal color categories.
  • Export to arbitrary image sizes.

Technical details in this blogpost: Display P3 vs sRGB in Color Palettes.

Screenshots (iPhoneX, scaled down)